Photo Art + Upholstery Shop Collaboration // #thatchairisfly

I was super excited and grateful when Heather (pictured above) from Upholstery Shop here in Red Lodge, Montana asked me to take some shots for a project she had in mind. One of the (very few) detriments of living in this insanely beautiful place, is having to bear witness to the endless supply of idyllic/cheesy/fairytale-like representations of cabin/wildlife/mountain scenes that have finagled their way into our lives in the form of decor and design. You know what I’m talking about. Luckily, with a little ingenuity, we can take our design problems into our own hands. Enter Heather, an upholstery mastermind, Spoonflower, a textile company where you can lose days online perusing their catalog and design your very own fabric, our friend Erin and me.

Royal Wulff

Yellow Stimulator

Montana Prince


Red Copper John

Heather revolted against the kitsch in this particular case. She purchased locally hand-tied flies from East Rosebud Fly and Tackle. I photographed them on a sunny day and then our friend Erin used her mad photoshopping skills to build the fly pattern. After a couple slight adjustments to the background color, our pattern was a reality and off it went to Spoonflower for production.

Once Heather received the fabric and finished the reupholster of the chair we had to take the finished project out for some fresh air and a little photo-op next to Rock Creek before handing it back to its delighted owner. Success!

This project was way fun and it was so nice to be a part of a larger creative collaboration. For your next upholstery project, I double dare you all to think outside of the box. If you have an idea and want something unique, we would love the opportunity to do our part to redefine Montana decor and help to make your idea a reality. If anything, I hope this post has caused those creative wheels of yours to spin. Let’s start a design revolution, tag similar projects with #thatchairisfly and please share this if you find it interesting. A big cheers all the way from Red Lodge, here’s to creating and utilizing local talent and resources. Now, go fishing or something.

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